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    Default Mage Builds - Leveling and Instance

    Hello ladies

    Leveling build

    Souls - Necromancer (37) / Warlock (21) / Dominator (8)
    [URL="http://rift.zam.com/en/stc.html?t=1zwvs.E0cxAtk0c.xe0A.xc"]Build Link[/URL]

    The Most important part of this build is the following talents from the necro tree -

    Soul Purge - heals both you and the pet, while dammaging the mob (requires charge to use)
    Ancient Tomb - gives the bet tank pet for necro and also allows access to a mage pet for (dps in instances and pvp)

    rotation -
    Essence Link
    Plague Bolt x3 (or untill charge is full)
    Soul Purge

    this build also allows the mage to use it's own health to heal its pet, or others with in group/raid, taking this along with the spell to drain own health or mana, and then gain health back via the pet doing dmg and using soul purge makes your down time almost nil.

    you can also instant summon a pet if your pet does die, and with the dominator soul you are able to CC (via transmogrify), which means you can have 2mobs on your pet, 1beating you and another in CC, e.g 4mobs in combat with little dmg done to you via draining life from the target mob.

    Instance Build
    Souls - pyromancer (36) / Dominator (17) / Archon (13)
    [URL="http://rift.zam.com/en/stc.html?t=1zIsz.xfzIhucht.xcVh0z.A0x"]Build Link[/URL]

    Rotation -
    Ground Of Power
    Cinder Blast
    Fireball x4
    Flame Bolt (when enough charge and when procs for 3x use)

    For AOE Use-
    Backdraft (stuns mobs for 2seconds)
    Firestorm (aoe dmg mobs)

    this is the highest DPS build for a pure fire mage, as the archon soul give bonus to fire dmg, and this builds takes use of the dmg bonus talents.
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