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    Default Guild Rules! MUST READ!

    Short version: Don't be a dick.

    Long version:

    1. As the in-game guild notes refer members very clearly to this forum, ignorance of these rules will not be accepted as an excuse for poor behaviour.

    2. Homophobic, sexist or racist language will not be tolerated. This includes jokes or sarcasm. There's just no need for it. Keep swearing to a minimum.

    3. Criticism of other guild members is not acceptable. Do not belittle someone for being lower-level, under-geared, inexperienced or not playing often.

    4. Do not pressure guild members to level quicker, join groups for quests or dungeons, or sign up for raids. Invite politely, and take no as an answer.

    5. Having said that, if you set up a group or raid, you'd better have an excellent excuse for leaving before it's over.

    6. If you join a group or raid and have to leave before it's over, be prepared to apologise to everyone individually. It will be noted if you do this often.

    7 Do not whinge about loot not dropping. It's really boring.

    8 Like the PC Gamer office, the PC Gamer guild is not a democracy. Being in the guild means accepting decisions made by Talizora and by those Ihe has delegated responsibility to. We won't be upset by anyone who leaves because they disagree with anything we do or decide; We will be upset if people leave because someone else is worsening their experience of being in the guild.

    9. What you might think is fun/funny may not be to someone else. Be prepared to shut up if someone tells you they're not interested or you're spoiling their day.

    10. Anyone not abiding by these rules, or worsening other players' experiences by their actions, is liable to a reduction in guild rights pending discussion of their actions, and ultimately to being removed from the guild.

    11. The guild leader and officers promise to be fair in their actions and to run the guild in the best interests of its members as a whole. Complaints or suggestions about the running of the guild will be listened to and taken seriously.

    12. All members shall be held responsible for their respective accounts and characters action within the guild. If your friend or family member logs onto your account and stirs up trouble you will be held responsible as though you did it yourself.

    13. We will not tolerate any discrimination based upon basis of race, color, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, religion, disability, age, or national or ethnic origin. While a healthy rivalry between in-game factions and races is acceptable, we require civil and courteous behavior towards the real people behind the keyboards.

    14. Members should refrain from discussing politics, religion, illegal activities, sexual orientation, or explicit sexual acts in the guild forums, guild chat, or on the teamspeak server. These topics tend to be inflammatory due to the large and diverse makeup of the guild. If you decide to participate in such discussions in which people may become insulted or feel threatened, be prepared to face the possibility of immediate expulsion from the guild.
    You are more than welcomed to take such topics to a private channel, the off-topic section of the PCG forums or a private voice communications system of your choice.

    If you feel anyone is in breach of any of these rules (i.e. is being a dick) the best course or action is to contact an officer who is online at the time. If that is not possible, it's best to take screnshots of your chat log for submission via email to an officer so we have a written record of what has gone on and can take action.

    Despite the size of our guild, we have relatively few complaints, which suits us all, but don't be afraid to let us know if something untoward is going on.
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