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    Old 02-22-2011, 10:03 AM
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    Default I wish people wouldn't give bad advice like this:


    UGH. Sorry Christian, you've lost me here, this is just horrendous advice to give. He says "the specs are very close to each other" and that "it comes down to personal preference".... Sorry but NO.

    His pros for Arcane list "competitive" single target dps. So not "high" or "exceptional" or "very good" just "competitive". In other words it's "ok" as a single target dps spec, but not great. Not even good.

    Another pro is "high burst" which, frankly, Frost and, if the stars align, Fire can do too.

    He lists the 3% raid damage buff - ok, I'll accept that is a decent buff, but Rets provide it too and are MASSIVELY better damage.

    The last "pro" for Arcane that he lists is "good threat management". Erm, what? If you are pulling aggro off a tank in current content after giving them a threat lead of, say, 10 seconds before popping all your cooldowns, you should NEVER be pulling off an equally geared tank on a static nuke fight. if you are, then it is the tank's problem, not yours. That may sound harsh, but if, on a fight like Chimaeron or Maloriak or any other fight which is a relatively simple blast the boss type fight with little in the way of difficult tanking, you are pulling aggro off an equally geared tank after giving them a threat lead, then the tank has issues, not you.

    Also, any spec of Mage has Mirror Image and Invis. Sure Arcane mages may get instant invis but come on, he is reaching for benefits here in a MAJOR way.

    For CONS against Arcane he lists:
    Low mobility
    Crap AoE
    Inconsistent DPS output

    So, his pros are dubious at the very best, and the cons are utterly gamebreaking - low mobility, crap AoE and inconsistent DPS are three things you absolutely DO NOT WANT in a dps spec.

    Lets compare this to Fire, which has pros as:
    High single target DPS
    Multiple AoE options (with Fire being one of the best dps specs in the game for any fight with multiple targets)
    High Mobility
    5% spell crit debuff on bosses

    Ok, so Fire pretty much does everything Arcane does but much much better. The cons he lists for Fire are:

    Ignite Munching
    Heavy reliance on crits.

    So even with the Ignite munching bug, and a heavy reliance on crit rng, Fire STILL outperforms Arcane.

    He goes on to say:
    If you know your stuff, the DPS numbers for all three specs are within spitting distance of each other right now, and it looks like that's the way Blizzard intends to keep it.

    Honestly, the decision of which spec to bring rests squarely upon the shoulders of the player. Take the kind of mage you like playing, the kind you feel the fight calls for, and the kind that will complement your raid best
    Sorry, but this is just horrible advice to be giving the plenty of new mages who read his column. The specs are not "within spitting distance" of each other, Fire has shown to consistently outperform the other two specs on every fight currently, apart from MAYBE Sinestra with a trinket from Sinestra herself, due to the big damage buff and mana free burn phase it has. So on one fight, the most difficult hard mode currently available, there is perhaps a case for using Arcane. PERHAPS.

    I normally love the Arcane Brilliance columns, but this is just awful, so to any mages out there reading and being swayed by his arguments, please, be very wary of what he says in that column as alot of it is just flat out mad.

    Also, I know this is a pretty unreliable source of true dps capabilities at the moment, but just look at this:

    On the adjusted average totals (i.e the average of all fights excluding Halfus) FIre is a wopping 7k dps ahead of Arcane and around 5k ahead of Frost. Sorry, but that is NOT "within spitting distance"
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