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    Old 07-08-2010, 05:18 PM
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    Fair point Lev, but this is in itself getting off topic. I know enough about the way our tanks play to know they probably aren't the ones who need to be changing things for these types of fights, especially their current gemming conventions. The tanks are almost certainly correctly equipped for this fight.

    Looking at their offspecs maybe worth it in case they're asked to dps (full enchants, epic gems, correct glyphs, rotations etc), but I really don't know enough about each of their individual requirements to comment specifically. I doubt many of us are in a position to 'get specific' about each other's classes - we need to trust in each other's ability make the right choices and to get the job done. If you KNOW that someone has made a questionable gearing choice, take it up with them - be tactful. Checking is fine, being over critical can be damaging. Obvious and persistant failings are something for the raid leader to address at the time.

    The main thing is for everyone to put their best foot forward. If we all do that, we'll down him.
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