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    Old 02-15-2011, 01:56 PM
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    Default 18th/19th Feb plan

    if on the Friday we can get a full super team we will be hitting halfus, if he goes down fairly quick we will nip across to blackwing decent and try to get magmaw and/or omnotron down (quite confident after the display on Saturday we can one shot these two)

    if we get a full raid but need quite a few random people we will just go after the first couple of bosses in blackwing decent. if we can't get a full raid we will head off and do some heroic achievements.

    then on Saturday it depends on what we have done on the Friday, if we haven't done halfus on Friday we will hit him on Saturday then go onto Valiona and Theralion if we get halfus down so we can have a look at those two.

    if halfus is already down from the Friday we will go straight to Valiona and Theralion and if we get that we will go see what is left to do in blackwing decent.

    so this weeks main target is the first 2 bosses of Bastion of Twilight,(read up watch vids) with blackwing as a filler if we have time.
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