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    Old 02-11-2011, 09:52 PM
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    Revvy (BH)
    Narkhan (BH + 1st half)
    Alarish (2nd half)

    Well we were a little short on signups to start with, but managed to scrape a raid together once Calder appeared
    One shotted baradin hold with a nice gap between us and the enrage earning Orkane some pvp gear and Taur some nice T11 gloves.

    Due to the makup of the raid we extended the lockout so we didnt have to worry about Magmaw for tomorrow so just concentrated on Omnom.
    I did my usual bumbling explanation of tactics and things started off a bit meh seeing as we had a couple of people that hadn't seen the fight.
    Unfortunatley Nark had to go so Ala jumped in.
    We got progressively better and with the final attemp got down to 13% but with healers on fumes and silly me getting hit by 2 at once we didnt quite make it.

    We will one (or two) shot them tomorrow im sure and then press on into BWD seeing as we wont be wasting an hour trying to get a team together (he says...)

    My thanks to Spot (and there child for staying quiet ) Nark, Ala and Calder for filling up our empty spots.

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