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    Old 02-11-2011, 06:54 AM
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    Default Need a casual short term 2V2 partner

    Hey guys
    Since Blizzard are fail and Wands are stupidly hard to come by (2 pre raid, both of which refuse to drop, and one in raids, which is a random trash drop) I am going to get the PvP epic wand, which costs 700 Conquest points.

    You get 268 conquest points for 1 2V2 arena match win, and the wand costs 700 points, so I need to win 3 2V2 games to get it.

    I have 1 piece of PvP gear, but am a frost mage so am also brutally overpowered against any melee class that isn't an enh shaman

    Anyone up for it? I only really want to do enough games to get the points for my wand, so if anyone else needs a small amount of conquest points and can put up with my terrible badness when it comes to PvP then let me know
    Origin ID: Slashylol
    Steam ID: Wargod37

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