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    Default Shadow Priest - Ayumis' UI 3.3.5

    Ayumis' UI 3.3.5

    I've had a few people asking me about my UI and what addons I use as a Shadow Priest so I thought as I've just updated it for the latest patch I would share it with you.

    I'm not a big fan of information overload so I try and keep it as simple and clean as possible. This has two main benefits:

    1. You can see more of the game screen and whats happening.
    2. Less addins increases performance of the game and in turn you.

    The other reason why I have such a minimal UI at the moment is that I'm frapping all the ICC fights for a movie I'm working on.

    Below is the basic UI I use for most raids, sometimes I enable extra addins for specific fights, but usually this is it:


    Lets you arrange and size all your buffs and debuffs. In a 25 man raid with all the buffs available this actually saves the most space out of all the addons. *Note - this is the only out of date addon I use so if you don't like running out of date addons you might want to find an alternative.


    There are many minimap replacements but I found this one was very simple to setup.


    Nameplate replacement. I use this to shrink the health bar and names to thin strips for when an encounter has lots of adds to deal with.


    This is the main addon that really changes the UI it lets you modify all of the unit frames. The best part about it is being able to move you and your target frame down to the bottom of the screen.

    This enables you to see your health, your targets health, your dots, your cooldowns and your cast bar all in one place.


    The standard cast bar is actually good enough but Quartz has one feature that is really useful to maximise your dps and that is displaying the latency when you started casting. This allows you to see when the cast will be finished on the server so you can start casting earlier than you would have.

    This is very important at the moment with the problem of clipping mind flay (although this should be less important in the next expansion with the changes to haste)


    This is great for tracking your dots especially on multiple targets. Its essential on fights where you need to keep switch targets which don't die quickly as you can make sure you wild magic buffed SW: P doesn't drop off.


    A chat addon that lets you remove the buttons, move the chat edit box. A great little space saver.


    One of the most important addons as it allows you to select any raid member quickly and show their health and debuffs. Can be tricky to setup well for healers but I used to use it as a resto druid so have got to know it very well.


    After Satrina buff bars this is the biggest screen space saver. I only show my main spells but have extra bars hidden on the side of the screen which gives me access to every spell in my book.


    Shows your threat against your target. Essential and you already have it don't you (or something similar) ?


    Shows your performance. Some people say this should be hidden during combat but I disagree, why wait tell the end of the fight to know you are under performing? I don't stare at it or try to be at the top but I do glance at it to make sure my performance is where it should be.

    As you can see I use transparent backgrounds for most of the addons this is really only a cosmetic preference for when I'm not in a group as it basically looks like the addons are not even there.
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