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    Old 02-01-2011, 08:55 AM
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    Default Raid Report 31/01/2011

    PCG's second 25-man night of Cata. Team was too long to list, 'cos I didn't write it down.

    Bosses killed: Maloriak
    Bosses attempted: Atramedes

    Killing Maloriak so swiftly was really good; over half the raid had never seen the fight before, let alone killed it, so congrats to everyone on that.

    Our Atramedes attempts showed steady progress, with people adapting to the Sound mechanic over the course of two hours. We got very close toward the end of the night, so well done to everyone.

    I hope these 25-man raids have been useful, particularly for those who haven't seen the middle 3 bosses in BWD. I'd like to think that it will help with all the 10-man teams' progression.

    In the words of David Steel; go back to your 10-mans, and prepare for pwnage!
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