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    Old 01-20-2011, 07:20 PM
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    Originally Posted by Zael View Post
    Yeah you need a lot more hit, you're on 9% there but you're also carrying a Horde Lace so it will probably go up. The hit cap isn't something you're going to get a warning about or something where you just stop getting the stat when you hit it. "Hit Cap" is a theorycrafting word, which basically means that at a certain point that stat becomes less useful to you, that point is the "cap". In your case you'll want to be aiming for about 17% hit because that's the "cap". The problem with your pvp gear is that while they do give you more agility then your average blue gear which is great you can't reforge resilience so that's an absolutely wasted stat for PvE which is very bad.

    Are you sure your PvP stuff is BiS? Because according to [url]http://shadowpanther.net/starter-pve.htm[/url] it's not. So you might want to start changing that stuff.

    Reforging is pretty simple really, you take 40% off a stat you don't like and add 40% to a new stat you want. So it's great for getting rid of stats that aren't great (like crit) and putting it to better use (like hit.) Once you get to around 17% hit that stat starts becoming less useful so the preference now becomes Mastery.

    well the pvp gear is mostly on my toon b/c i was pvping last night and i do the argent tourney in either set of gear i have.

    If I'm understanding you correctly I have a long way to go until I can cap my hit so I am guessing that the higher the ilvl gear the more hit i can reforge out? If it doesn't scale how would I ever reach the cap? Also once i reach that 17% mark do i gain the ability to reforge into two stats at once? otherwise how would i then reforge into mastery. haste, expertise etc, while keeping my 17% hit? Thank you
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