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    Default WTF is Raiding?

    Hi there,

    We have a lot of new players, some of them new to WoW. There's a lot of talk on these forums about raiding, and I know from my own experience 5 years ago how overwhelming it can be to try to get to grips with WoW's endgame.

    So here's my "newbies guide to not being a noob".

    What is raiding?
    Raids are special instances (or 'dungeons') for max-level players, with more challenging bosses and epic-level (that's purple) loot. You've probably done some 5-man dungeons whilst levelling. Raids are similar, but they're longer, harder, and designed for larger groups. In Cata, any of the raids can be attempted in 10-player or 25-player mode.

    PCG currently runs 10-player teams, and so is tackling the raids in 10-player mode. The rewards are the same in either mode, and so are the fights, for the most part.

    What are the level 85 raids?
    There are currently three raid instances available; The Bastion of Twilight (a big twisting spire in Twilight Highlands), the Throne of the Four Winds (a windy place in south Uldum) and Blackwing Descent (a dragon-filled cave in Blackrock Mountain).

    Bastion of Twilight (BoT) has 4 boss encounters, Throne of the Four Winds (TotFW) has 2 boss encounters, and Blackwing Descent (BWD) has 6 boss encounters (not including a super special secret boss only available in heroic mode).

    What's heroic mode?
    Once you have completed one of the raid instances (i.e. killed all the bosses), you're allowed to attempt the bosses on heroic mode. Heroic mode bosses sometimes have different abilities, and are always harder than normal mode.

    How long does a raid take?
    PCG's 10-man teams currently schedule their raid evenings for between 3 and 4 hours.

    What are the raid teams?
    Currently, only Team Epic, Team Awesome and Team Win have started level 85 raiding. As more players get to 85 and get raid-ready, there will be further opportunities.

    That sounds really fun, how can I get involved?
    First of all, you need to be level 85. Once you're at max level, the only way to improve your stats (your strength, agility, intellect etc.) is to get better gear (equipment). You can do this with quest rewards, doing heroic versions of the level 80+ dungeons, tradeskills like leatherworking or tailoring and spending the Justice and Valour Points that you'll earn by doing heroic 5-man instances.

    Once you have the gear for raiding (ask a friendly raider to have a look at your stuff if you're unsure), you need to make sure your talent choices are right for raiding. There are loads of resources on the internet, but often it's best to look at the talent choices of PCG's most successful raiders of your class. Ditto for glyphs.

    You'll also need consumables. First there's food; not the normal kind that you eat to regain health, but special food that, when eaten for 10 seconds, gives you a 'well fed' buff, and a boost to some of your stats. Make sure you have the right food for your class.

    Second, you'll need flasks. Flasks give you a large boost to a chosen stat (depending on which flask you drink) which lasts for an hour and, unlike food, persists through death. In raids, you die a lot, and so flasks are great. Never turn up to a raid without enough flasks.

    Finally, there are potions. These are usually cheap to make, and we have several friendly guild alchemists around. For tanks, health potions are obviously great, and for healers mana pots are crucial. For DPS, there are various options that give you a short damage boost, which is again very important for raiding.

    Finally, you need good knowledge. You need to know your class well, and understand the best way to contribute the most damage/healing to any fight. The internet is your friend, for spell rotations etc. You also need knowledge of the bosses you'll be facing. Some fights can last upwards of 10 minutes, with several phases, and abilities that can kill you in seconds if you don't expect them. Knowledge is powah!

    If you've done all the above, and think you're ready for WoW's ultimate challenges, then have a loot at which raid teams the Guild is currently operating, and who has space for your class. If you're struggling, speak with one of the team leaders or me.

    Good luck, and Lok'Tar Ogar!

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