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    Old 01-05-2011, 12:09 PM
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    Default Hunter Help


    Little intro: Recently Joined guild just after Cata's launch and I'm enjoying my time in PCG. I'm also enjoying huntering in Cata alot more!

    I am a survival hunter and have recently joined Team Awesome, which is really what has set this thread off because i want to deliver the highest dps i can, but at the minute i seem to be loosing out alot to other classes on the dps tables.

    These are the stats i have recorded so far (how does this stack up to other hunters in the guild?)

    Baradin hold - highest spike dps 15k average dps 10.4k
    Bastion of twilight - Highest dps 11k average dps 8k
    Heroics - My average dps in heroics is between 6.8 - 9.3k dps.

    Just a few questions for the other hunters in the guild because I am struggling to find a massive amount of information on the net that seems viable at the minute.

    1. I have linked my character sheet and would like to ask is there any problems with my spec? I have found the spec im using by trial and error in the end but the training dummies aren't the best indicator of dps and im being out dpsed alot in raids so im wondering if there are errors in my spec.


    2. Gemming - I have recently changed gems due to an article i read on warcrafthuntersunion but am still slightly doubtful in my mind wether it is correct or not, due to I think the WOTLK style gemming where we put the biggest agility boosting gem in place and we were done. Is anyone actually gemming hit (so they dont have to reforge any crit to hit)?

    3. Stat priority as Survival - I again have read many different things but would like some expert help on this. As survival would the stat priority be Hit > Agil > crit > haste > mastery (can this stat basically be forgotten?), and also how much haste should we really be aiming for? (Frostheim of Warcrafthuntersunion suggest that cobra shot is a 1 sec cast therefore this should be the max we should all aim for but admits its unrealistic, so what has everyone else been targetting haste wise?)

    After looking at my kit / gear i know there is room for improvement (especially trinkets) but is there any obvious problems with it and does anyone have a list of best in slot items for heroics?

    Look forward to your advice



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