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    Old 12-23-2010, 03:14 PM
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    Originally Posted by Narkrud View Post
    Isn't this supposed to feel like an adventure? it used to.
    Did it? I remember when I first hit level 60 I did it by grinding mobs for hours on end in Winterspring because there weren't enough quests to get me from 1-60. You might be looking back with rose tinted glasses.

    Now levelling a character I can jump into a mechanical shredder at level 14 and start hovering down enemies, I can join instances at the click of a button and the getting from 1-85 still takes i'd say over 200 hours worth of play which is a longer adventure then even your most complex single player RPG. If there's one thing Blizz have gotten right in this game, it's the levelling.

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