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    Old 12-16-2010, 08:05 PM
    raslin raslin is offline
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    Angry Not fit for guild

    Character AryaStrak

    NOT FIT FOR GUILD this is the message I got for Ross because he says I abuse Guild Bank so Remove me for Guild.
    It may look like I do (but I defiantly go not) I find it difficult to Understand Gear System (maybe its my age I am 63) and sometimes take items my characters in guild do not need (and sometimes ask Guild members for gear I should use) .
    If I have taken wrong items which has happen a couple of times and Ross has informed me I always replace items and if they are soulbound I donate gold.
    When I joined Pcg (when there was only 30 players )I always Understood the policy off PCG Guild that they except all ages and types off players, I am not the smartest kid on the block but and always grateful for the help from guild members and I do try to be helpful to guild.
    May be Ross dose not like a Mule Character by bank even if items I taken are not for this particular Character, but will be for my Main( find this a easy way to get items and donate items into bank)
    I never taken any gold for Repairs as do certain players do all the time, and I do not mean players who run raids ect to help others out
    I have a alt in Swarm donated 100 gold but was surprised to find players taking gold for repairs (One Player has taken nearly 20g over a few days) why when there is only a most 4 players ROSS THATS WHAT U CALL ABUSE

    Anyway I've had my say and thanks to all the players who have help me


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