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    Old 12-14-2010, 11:24 AM
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    Default old thread

    Ignore this thread please use the new one.

    Team super are up and raiding but still looking for people.

    The times we will be running is 19:30 till 22:30 (23:00 at the latest) on a Saturday evening.

    we are in need of 1 Tank, 4 healers and 1 ranged DPS (no more warriors)

    Team Super roster

    Goffik (Warrior DPS OS), Martem (warrior, Furry OS)


    Melee DPS
    Oskrilyth (Warrior Fury, tanky OS), Boogy (rogue), Smithman (warrior), Ieatpuppies (Belimawr DK)

    Ranged DPS
    Petrarch ( Mage), Deniseii (mage), Revvy (Lock)

    on leave (your spots still stand when you come back even if it means we have a few extra people)
    Madocks(Pally Ret, holy off), Castién (DK Blood), Dogwelder (Warrior, Furry OS)

    if you want to join please post your main and off spec

    we have changed the way we deal with sign up and the team if you are interested in joining read this
    due to wanting to get a balanced team we are changing the way we are taking applications, the spots that are open are still up for grabs (these are stated above) but due to wanting a regular team with a consistent turn out we will be removing people who fail to turn up at all (as it is a waste of a spot) or rarely ever turn up to make spaces for people who wan't to raid. I will be keeping a standby list of people who wan't to join the team if there are no spaces available at the time of asking but it is still on a first come first served basis.

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