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    Originally Posted by Belimawr View Post
    the other option is, if you have something you want to do and can think of a time and people to come try setting it up your self, I know this sounds harsh but as the guild is the size it is you can't expect the small number of officers to do events for every single person each week. it's the same with the raid groups (akee made a post about it a while back) but if you have an idea for an event and think you can get it going if you ask a officer they will put it on the calendar and give you access to your event through it and also promoting it to everyone who looks at a calendar.

    you don't need to be a officer to run an event, if you have a good idea and can organise it the officers will post it to the calendar for you.
    That's exactly why I suggested having a seperate officer position, who has nothing to do with main raids, but is willing to act as an "Ambassador" of sorts, to PCG and it's member's. A point of contact to stop regular's going to Klog's and Darieth's of the guild, to allow them to play in peace for a change, so they can push forward, promoting our guild as a raid leader, whilst those social players, who came to the guild, because the magazine said we are a social guild by Tim's own word's in the official WoW magazine and are being represented and heard, whilst having fun with event's, that us top end guys have done a lot of, over the years.

    The position should also be about bringing in the new player's, making them feel welcome, helping them along with occasional quest's, giving advice, doing bank request's and being a "Big Brother/Sister" for a few weeks, to help them settle, whilst fullfilling the need for social event's, lower event's and/or rep grind's, fun event's that have nothing to do with major raids, like running in wedding dress's across the land etc.... for the pure hell of it.

    It's a representative that everyone in PCG should know and trust, which should be everyone's first point of contact in the officer ranks.... but it really needs people who have more patience than I could muster in three lifetimes. This person doesn't need a lot of "gizmo" power's etc, just the ability's and respect to be approachable, to officer's and member's, a willingness to stop what they are doing and help others. Plenty of people willing.... but not all worthy as we know, but the officership should know a few people by now who could easily fill this roll and appease the ever increasing disidents among PCG.

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