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    Old 12-13-2010, 09:48 PM
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    Default The social side!

    Hey guys,

    First up I wanna say sorry about moaning on the guild chat instead of raising an issue here like an adult. I'm trying to make amends.

    A number of people have spoken recently about the lack of focus with regards to events being held by the guild. I'm trying to coalesce our thoughts into a well structured post which highlights what we'd like to see change, if at all possible.

    I'd like to clarify that in absolutely no way am I asking to attend the two main raid groups as a plus one, nor on Team Win when they form up at reaching 85. Raiding is something I'm happy to do on a lazy sunday afternoon but its not my focus in the game.

    Currently there is nothing going on in the guild for the vast majority of the players in it. We plink away and level up our chars yet we have no fun activities that we did a year ago. I'm really asking for us to move back toward more guild orientated events. In fairness, I spoke to Chewwie about the frankly demoralising calender of just Team Epic and Awesome events and we formed a nice Cata dungeon farm on Saturday, at least 30 or so signed up, and whilst only 20 turned up we got some people through dungeons for the first time and I had a lot of really enthusiastic whispers saying how much fun it was.

    I'd love to see us showing new people the old content, Gruul, Sunwell Plateau, the weird naga place in BC, Ulduar, Naxx even the Lich King. I am happy to lead these groups, and I'm acutely aware we'll wipe despite being 15 levels higher than the intended content, but bearing in mind we can respawn I don't really see it as an issue.

    Aside from raiding there is a whole host of stuff we could do, which does not require huge amounts of planning. PCG zerging the fishing event on a sunday, PCG carolling around orgrimmar (I will not let my carolling idea die!), PCG facerolling the alliance leaders, PCG going to gurbarashi arena for that weird trinket that drops. These are all off the top of my head and I'm sure we'd get ideas from other guys too.

    So all I'm asking for are some social events. If the leaders are going to achievement grind then fair play to them, we each play the game for different reasons, its just mine, and a lot of others differ from that and currently nothing caters to what were after.


    I'm really aware this could well be interpreted as a flame, and its not, its just an attempt to express how many people in the guild feel. Please if this thread sparks emotions (and i'm sure it will) then refrain from posting as the worst thing that could happen is it gets locked. Also a comment of "just leave" completely misses the point, I'm not asking anyone to change the way they play their game just a healthy respect for the other people who play and appreciation that playstyles vary. I have no desire to leave, guild chat is full of banter, people are generally very helpful and i have a lot of friends here. Ignoring constructive criticism seems counterintuitive when we are asked to post in the forum with our issues.

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