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    Old 12-13-2010, 06:44 PM
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    Default LFG 5-man Cataclysm

    Apologies if this post is placed incorrectly as it refers mainly to 5 man dungeon runs. I'm just going to give a minor problem, a potential solution and a brief explanation along the way. But I'm not really sure how many of our players actually read the forums enough to pick up on my suggestion; hopefully it is something that can work.

    Problem: I like to run dungeons and heroics with guildies as often as possible but I know all too well how easy it is to miss a random dungeon suggestion in /gchat. And what with my being a dps class (lock), it can often be challenging to find a group; especially as we have large numbers of strong dps players who are trusted and preferred (nothing wrong with that). Since obviously spamming guild chat or whispers for a group is (can be) annoying, so, my solution...

    Solution: We have a dedicated channel on the realm like /PCGChatter that exists solely for grouping. I propose this be called /LFGPCG (liason for goblins playing card games). It would be fantastic if as many high level (as in experienced and known in the guild) players could use this channel as possible to really give it credibility and see it reaches its potential.

    When I log on, I don't know what I'm going to do and having this utility would really help. If you think otherwise, please open the debate here. All in favour say Aye and join the channel, or just join the channel and don't say anything if you wish to reach a silent accord.

    Right click, create channel, drag: For anyone that is unaware, you have a lot of options controlling your chat windows such that a single window can be reduced to a line of text and dragged to an inconspicuous location where you can set the text to any colour you think'll catch your eye. Alternatively you can join and leave channels by setting up simple macro commands. Obvious to many I know, but I've been asked. You can join any chat channel whether it exists yet or not by typing /join *text* replacing the text within the asterisk as the channel name.

    Thank You.


    Remember "don't hate, debate!"
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