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    Old 12-12-2010, 10:55 AM
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    Default Baradin Hold - The new VoA

    Yesterday a bunch of us went and roflstomped Tol Barad, which seems quite fun.

    After it was done we decided to try and get a group for Baradin Hold. Here's what we found.

    Inside there are a few trash mobs, these act as training mobs for the boss. They have a conal ability which shares damage between those it hits, and applies a debuff which increases damage taken by arcane spells. To counter this we split the raid into 2 groups of 5, each with 1 tank, 1 healer and 3 dps. Each group stacked on opposite sides of these mobs, and after each of the conal attacks there was a tank swap.

    Then we moved onto the boss himself, Argaloth.
    He has a similar conal ability to the trash which is called Meteor Slash.
    We positioned the raid with 2 groups of 5 again, this time 1 in front of him, and one to his side. This allowed the groups to be in range of each other for cross healing, although as a general rule each of the 2 healers is responsible for the group they're in.
    After each of his Meteor Slashes there is a tank swap to stop the debuff stacking up. This is an ideal time to use you zone of healing on the ground abilities, we even had our shammy and paladin dps assisting with healing rain and holy radiance from time to time.

    He also has an ability called Consuming Darkness. This is a magical debuff that does increasing shadow damage over time. It is put on 3 people at a time and needs dispelling ASAP. The faster it's dispelled the less damage it does, so the less healing needs to be done. If someone has been taken low by Consuming Darkness before a Meteor Slash they will be killed unless they are topped off a bit before it hits.

    At 2/3 and 1/3 of his health Argaloth will begin to channel a spell called Fel Firestorm. This rains fire from they sky, which can be avoided by running around. When the fire lands it leaves a patch of fire on the ground until the channel of Fel Firestorm ends. Don't stand in the fire. It is possible to squeeze in a bit of DPS during this time, but your top, number 1 priority is to not get hit by fire. Fire itself won't kill you if you stand in it for a short while. The danger is you will either oom your healers or you will leave them with so much healing to do they can't top everyone off before the next Meteor Slash and people will die to it.
    After the channel has ended you should return to the positions you were for the rest of the fight.

    This is a relatively simple fight, and serves as a dps check more than anything if you can handle the basic mechanics in play here. It can be summed up by tank swap, dispel, don't stand in the fire. Hardly advaned stuff, but then this is the new VoA. The fight has a 5 minute berserk timer, assuming you take 2 tanks, 2 healers and 2 dps you are looking to have each of your DPS doing just over 10k dps to take off his 21.4 million health. We tried 3 healers initially, but that isn't viable given the tight enrage.

    He drops season 9 quality PvP legs, hands and off-set armor and tier 11 legs and gloves. Both 10 and 25 drop the same loot. You will be rewarded 70 valor points for killing him.

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