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    Old 12-02-2010, 10:36 PM
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    @ Antonius
    You don't need it till you start raiding

    @ Ilimra
    Stacking AW and Zealotry is pretty much a terrible idea. Zealotry is all about CS, TV, CS, TV, CS, TV, CS, TV etc. Adding HoW in there wastes the benefit of Zealotry, and not using hoW wastes one of the benefits of wings. So staggger them. I tend to pop Zealotry nice and nearly, as threat is less spikey than it is with wings. Once Zealotry is down I might just chain AW straight after. AW is best used during Bloodlust however, so if you know you're gonna lust quite early, use zealotry on the pull and save wings for lust. If lust comes late / not at all, use Wings as early as you can while doing max dps without pulling aggro, so it will be up again faster.

    Inquisition will only make Exo and HoW even more powerful than TV - TV is physical dmg, inquisition only buffs holy dmg
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