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    Old 11-28-2010, 09:08 PM
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    Default Calling softcore members!

    I was shocked to discover that our account is now knocking on for 4 years. For the last year or so we've been a member of PCG. And jolly good it's been too.

    At the start we were able to commit to the excellent raids led by Akee and Sunday night became a time to be relished.

    However, when ICC really kicked in we found we couldn't commit the time required to keep up with the pace. We fell behind, we stopped getting invited and eventually slipped into a backwater.

    Although some ICC raiding was achieved we ruefully look on at guild kingslayers and think what might have been.

    If we have a criticism of PCG it's that it caters for the hardcore gamer but not, as I'd term them, the softcore. These are people who, for commitments in RL cannot make the regular times for the regular runs but never the less want to experience the thrill of things like ICC.

    I'm sure there are other gamers in this situation (the ever effervescent Katong to name but one).

    So to any softcore gamers reading this I ask if you would like to form an informal raiding group. I'm not aksing for official calendar recognition just an opportunity to gather a few like-minded PCG players to raid and not miss out a huge chunk of the best part of WOW gaming experience. Otherwise I fear that my personal interactive gaming experience in this guild will be the occasional 'gz' from the elite zealots and the odd begrudging invite.

    Anyone interested in joining this loose band of buccaneers please post here.


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