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    Default Trying out a worgen? Rebel Alliance is there for you

    Hi folks,

    You may be thinking about trying out the new worgen race in Cataclysm. The good news is that PCG is creating an Alliance-side guild for just this purpose. Before you start, though, read this important info.

    What and where is the guild?
    The guild is called The Rebel Alliance and it is on Steamwheedle Cartel, Alliance side (obviously).

    What is the guild for?
    The Rebel Alliance is intended to provide a home for PCG guild members to try out a worgen in a friendly, helpful atmosphere.

    What is the guild NOT for?
    The Rebel Alliance is not intended to be a long-term, big-plans guild. We have no plans to eventually raid, for example. It is not intended to be an Alliance equivalent of the main PCG guild.

    Can I join with a non-worgen character?
    If you're a reader of the mag, yes, but for the real lolz you might want to faction-change and join PCG!

    Will there be much support from the PCG officers? Will you organise events, dungeon runs, etc?
    Don't count on it. We will make time to be online with our worgen characters to give everyone a chance to join but we plan to spend most of our time with our Horde mains!

    I love worgen, me. Can I help run The Rebel Alliance?
    Maybe Get in touch with an officer once the guild is up and running after a few weeks. Also, you may be a Furry. Seek help.

    When can I join?
    The Rebel Alliance will not be active until Cataclysm launches (December 7). I'll post times and dates in this thread when I or another officer will be online with our Alliance characters so you can grab an invite.

    C'mon, let's make a proper Alliance PCG guild!
    We have our hands full running one guild, sorry. If you're determined to play seriously and for the foreseeable future on the Alliance side, you should look elsewhere. If our plans change, you'll hear about it!

    What are the officers' names in The Rebel Alliance?
    Gloat (Tim)
    Rossbif (me)
    Rawrgen (Akee/Jecaa)
    Urumqi with a funny 'i'

    Invite times: Saturday 11th and Sunday 12th December, 5pm UK time both days.

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