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    Old 11-20-2010, 02:59 PM
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    Default Priests are boring - Ret Pally beta notes

    HAI my fellow skirt wearing holy warriors!
    So I've been spending alot of time on the beta lately, and have been messing around on my premade 85 Ret pally, who has full epic gear, 5/5 T11 and lots of other hilariously OP trinkets (Probs the only time I'll ever see a good trinket). Here are some notes:

    - T 11 legs aren't actually a skirt, QQ

    - Mastery sucks a pile of ass and turds, reforge out of it

    - The Chaotic Shadowsprit diamond meta gem is awful thanks to its ludicrous "more blue than red gems " requirement, so just use some crappy 54 crit strike + other random useless stat meta. I am using the 54 crit strike rating 1% spell refelct chance meta.

    Strength is at least 3 times as good as any other stat for us, so a worse meta gem bonus with proper gemming (i.e strength strength and more strength, only matching colours for 20 strength bonuses or meta requirements) is way better. Maybe if Blizzard sees no one using that pile of ass meta gem then they will change it.

    - Templar's Verdict crits like a steam train, that is also on fire - I've seen 40k crits on a target dummy - that's about 8K more than Hammer of Wrath crits for

    - Mastery is horrendous, reforge out of it

    - The new system IS good fun, and ret really feels like a "proper" melee class now

    - Tauren are 9478537 x better paladins than blood elves, and this is 1194882 x more true for ret paladins. Only weirdos will stay Belfs now

    - OH GOD MASTERY IS HIDEOUS. I might just ticket a GM and ask him to get rid of it from my char, it's actually causing me to lose dps.

    - Guardian of the Ancient Kings is fun, and a powerful burst cooldown, but it doesn't do much damage - only 12k non crit and that's if it only hits one target. The real benefit is the 20% more strength when it's fully stacked. The guardian himself does about 1.6k dps self buffed when he's up, and he lasts for 30 seconds. All in all its a good cooldown, but the 5 minute cooldown is stupid given it's actual potency.

    - WE HAVE NO CRIT AAARRRGGHHH. Seriously, I have like 7% crit, in full level 85 raid epics. Still damage is good, and crits are awesome now - it is nice that crits feel sepcial again, and when you see a 40k TV crit you get a little shiver of glee. I do about 11-12k dps sustained on a target dummy just with kings and Seal of Truth up.

    - Glyph of Seal of Truth is still awesome. Premade chars have gear which perfectly hit and expertise caps them, but it is still more dps to use glyph of seal of truth and reforge expertise into haste.

    - Haste is probs gonna be the go to stat for reforging once hit and expertise capped. If a piece already has haste on it, I reforge for crit.

    - Mastery is hideous, reforge out of it. Are you getting the idea yet?

    Overall, extremely promising, and I am looking forward to it all going live!
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