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    Old 11-19-2010, 09:22 AM
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    Default 25 man Dragon bashing

    Howdy folks,

    With regards to 25 man raiding, I heard it mooted somewhere that we would still do some 25 man smashing up of big fiery dragons and weird ogres covered in eyes.

    I'm not sure what Team Wins planned days are, but it looks like both Epic and Awesome are raiding on Sundays. How about we pool resources once a month or so and hit 25 man content instead of just the 10 man stuff. Would be a shame if we stopped raiding with each other because we only focus on 10 man. I would miss Akee rage for sure!

    Might be a complication in that we'd be saved from mid week 10 man runs.. I dunno maybe have a once a month 25 man run for alts once enough are levelled, or do a 25 man run from the most advanced save, as that would help the teams that are not so far ahead learn tactics and ninja lootz to even the score a bit.

    I'm pretty sure i have plagiarised that idea of someone else as i remember talking about it but couldn’t see anything on the forums.

    "Uru, your dps was pretty Imba "

    Foosfighting 12/11/2010
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