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    Old 11-08-2010, 07:56 AM
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    Default Negativity on vent.


    So after a couple days in the guild and after meeting some nice guildmates on vent (Oldgit to be one) i logged into the chat system on Friday night.

    All the top players were talking in their own channel (doing top end stuff) and i was left with a set of individuals (wont say any toon names) that quite frankly put down any player of any quality.

    It was such a miserable experience that i promptly logged out of vent and Steamwheedle and went back to my main on Ragnaros.

    Honestly, these players need to find something else to do if they are finding it such a chore being here.

    Its a game and one that i enjoy, but i wont log into vent if its like that. Personally one of the reasons i came to this guild was to socialise and have a chat, it would be pointless for me to continue if all i wanted to do was chat in guild chat and not on vent.

    Cmon guys have fun, get over the gripes and enjoy the game for what it is.
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