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    Old 10-29-2010, 10:32 AM
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    Default Beginner looking to retry WoW

    Firstly, I'm extremely sorry if this is the wrong forum, this is my first post here!

    I played World of Warcraft back in Vannila on the dawn of BC, and managed to get a level 66 warlock, so I've never had a chance to play any endgame content.
    Since then I've dabbled in various MMOs, sadly (and regrettably) only reaching endgame content in Runescape, but I still really enjoyed it.

    Anyway onto my questions, I've heard that leveling in Wow has been made a ton easier, from level 67 how long would it take to get to 80 and if anyone knows the numbers, roughly 85?

    Once I get there, what sort of disadvantage would I be in raiding if I arrived lets say 6 months late to the level cap?

    Is there anyway to lower the cost of the monthly fee?

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