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    Old 10-11-2010, 06:10 PM
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    Yes Wyrmy, they are. The first to get to 85 and geared for raiding will be the first in the raid wing.
    This is perfectly logical.

    What we will not do, however, is populate the raid wing with the first 25 people to hit 85. It'll be a few weeks (months?) before raid wing members begin to fall into place while everyone levels up and gears up, then we can judge people on their raiding skill rather than their ability to level quickly.

    It is worth noting that the first to hit 85 will also be the ones with the best gear in theory and the most experience in raiding the new instances with the redesigned classes. A lot of the time the first to hit 85 are those most serious about raids though, I know several people, myself included, who are using a chunk of their holidays for the remainder of the financial year to take some time off for Cata. Now this isn't for everyone, but I'd wager those who are doing it are going to put some serious effort into raiding.

    To summarise, i foresee many of the early 85s being those who are already good raiders.

    Final note, I took my hols cos theres not much else before april that requires a holiday as christmas is a freebie.

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