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    Old 10-10-2010, 11:20 PM
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    Default So you're war decced. Now what? READ ME


    Many of you don't have pvp experience, so I'm writing this to get you guys prepped. This has been copied from the old VOID forums, let me know if something needs to be updated/clarified.

    1.) Overview settings.
    I have two tabs set in my overview. The first is my basic mining setup with all the roids and the usual crap, however my second tab is set to cut out almost everything save for the stations, and the jumpgates. This allows me to quickly know when a hostile has jumped into my belt and it also allows me to very quickly to hit the warp button to wherever I'm aligned to.
    To do this: Right click on the default tab in your overview and select add tab. This will create a new tab in your overview that you can assign settings to. Next, right click on the white triangle above the default tab and select overview settings. This will open up a box that allows you to turn off and on what your overview will show. Now you're going to want to turn off basically everything that isn't a ship except for Star Gates and Stations. Do this by hitting the deselect all button and then manually adding stargates and stations and then adding everything in the 'ships' catagory.
    Now go to the states tab and uncheck Pilot is in your alliance, Pilot is in your corporation and Pilot is in your fleet. This will remove all Void members and fleet members from your overview. Now, thanks to 0.0 I'm a touch paranoid so I leave blues and neutrals on my overview, but since high sec doesn't have some of the issues 0.0 does, you may want to uncheck "pilot has good standing," "pilot has high standing," and "pilot has neutral standing." That's entirely up to you though.
    Save this as wardecced or pvp or something and then right click on the new tab you made and select change overview settings -> whatever you named your pvp setting. When you aren't selecting new asteroids to be mined, always have your pvp tab up.

    2.) Mining ops
    They will more than likely be suspended while this is going on, but it never hurts to be prepared with proper mining op procedures. These are all excellent habits that even during non-wartime situations we should be practicing. It's far too easy to get lazy about it and then once we actually are wardecced, we'll be back to making stupid mistakes that get us blown up.
    A) Never mine directly at the warp in point for the belt. This will put any reds jumping in right on top of you and you will die very quickly. Set up any mining ops at the edges of the belt so you're at least a decent distance away and buy you time to warp away.
    B) ALWAYS be aligned to warp to either a station or a safe spot. This can be done by manually piloting in the direction of your spot, or by warping to your spot, but canceling it before you actually warp.
    C) Spread out. Never stay bunched up, otherwise when an emergency happens and you try hitting warp you'll bounce off of each other. It will also make life harder for the haulers when they try to get your cans out. Staying at least 1km away from each other will fix that problem, but keep everyone relatively close.
    D) All haulers fit tractor beams. This isn't really negotiable. Science 4 is very easy to get and tractors only cost between 1-1.5 mil which is nothing. You have no excuse to not be fitting them. We don't want you guys bumping everyone and ruining our warp alignments.

    3.) Paranoia
    It is your friend. Assume the enemy is everywhere. For traders, doubly so now: Fit warp core stabilizers on your haulers! Do assume they'll be just around the corner and keep an eye out on local. If you have to leave the system to get to your missioning area, scout the gate first in a shuttle or something similiar (covert ops works great if you've got one). If you see the wartargets somewhere SAY SO. Let us know in corp chat who it is and in what system they are in. If you get an ID on what they're flying and what their ship name is call that out also. Knowing what their ship name is gives the pvp guys a better chance at scanning them down.

    Speaking of ship names everyone should rename their ship. If they're scanning and they see "Azureedge's Hulk" not only do they know that the ship belongs to a wartarget, they also now know that you're in a defenseless hulk out mining and that you're easy pickings. However if they see "BlowMe" they have no idea who's ship that is. All they'll know is that that pilot is in a hulk. Likewise, if we're all out in a pvp op hunting them down and they see a fleet consisting of "Ivan Kinsikor's Hyperion, Pistolwhip's Cerebrus, etc." then they'll know to turn the fuck around and run away. However if they see "Einherjar, Roflskates, etc." then they won't know if that's us flying them.

    Local: detach local from the main chat window and give it a scroll every few minutes. It will let you know instantly when a hostile has enterted the system or if you've entered the same system that a hostile is in. Also, do not talk in local. Do not talk shit, do not whine, etc. First off, talking shit in local is fairly low class, and secondly it lets them know that you are online and active. Stay the hell out of local chat.

    Safespots: Everyone should have at least one in their usual hangouts. To make a safespot warp to anywhere in the system, and while in midwarp hit "Add Bookmark" in the people and places menu. This will create a bookmark in the middle of space. Now, I like to make a second safespot by warping to another point in the system from my first safe spot and then bookmarking off of that. This will essentially bury me out in the middle of nowhere off of all of the main warping highways. Thus making me that much more insanely hard to probe out.

    Address book: Get the names of the wartargets and add them to your address book (make a specific folder for them so you can find them in a pinch). You will know if they are online or not, which gives you a huge advantage in knowing what you can and cannot do. If no wartargets are online, then you can mine, mission, and trade to your heart's content, otherwise, stay smart and don't do things that can get you blown up.

    Special "holy fuck what?" section: Now, some may disagree with me on this, but if you guys can use them I'd suggest everyone racking up ECM drones on their mining ships. If we're having an op and we get jumped, a giant swarm of ecm drones on a battleship will pretty much ruin its day. All we need is one guard to pop the rats or one barge on rat popping duty with combat drones. I have yet to see an eve pilot without drone 5, and electronic warfare 4 isn't hard to get, so ECM drones are definitely within easy reach.

    Gang Protocol
    1.) If you are not the Fleet Commander or the designated scout, then shut the fuck up. Only speak up if you've got something vital to the gang to say and that does not include "lol I had a sandwich for lunch" or "Brb got to pee." Keep that in gang chat.
    2.) If someone calls clear comms then that means shut up in gang chat too.
    3.) Pay attention and follow orders. The FC will be calling out specifically when to warp and when to jump through a gate. Failure to follow these exactly can result in your ass getting blown up. Just because he says "set destination to Arvasaras" does not mean to start flying there, it just means to get it locked in as your destination. Likewise, "warp to the Vellaine gate" does not mean to jump through it unless the FC specifically says to jump on contact.
    4.) Make sure your overviews are set for pvp. This was covered in the first war prep post.
    5.) Targets will be called "Primary" and "Secondary" This means to kill the targets in that order. Follow it precisely, I don't want to see people shooting something other then the primary target. Once the primary is dead, move on to the secondary. A new secondary target will be called for everyone to lock up.
    6.) EWAR pilots: For the love of fucking god do not jam the primary target unless we are gang raping a battleship in a bunch of small ships. Then definitely feel free to. If you get a jam on, call it out. If you miss a cycle, call it out. If someone is jammed up to hell and back, don't toss your jam on there too, jam someone else.
    7.) If we are holding somewhere and the FC has not called out somewhere to align to, always align to the next gate in the destination. If there is no destination, then align to a safespot if available or a station (and obviously not the one the enemy is camping). No one should be getting blown up just because they weren't aligned for warp.
    8.) If you go AFK then tell the FC. We've been having problems with this lately, and it's pissing people off. Do not walk away during the middle of a PVP OP without a damn good reason and without letting the FC know.

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    General PVP stuff
    1.) If you can fit a MWD, do it. They will save your ass if you get caught in a gate camp. Flashing your MWD on and then off will cut your warp align time by a hair in a battleship. If you die because you had to slowboat back to a gate to jump, then that's your own damn fault. The MWD will also let you get the hell out of warp disruption range - UPDATE FOR QR: The MWD is no longer the big winner for gate camps. Fully expect their tacklers to have Warp Scramblers now which WILL shut off your MWD. You may want to consider packing an Afterburner instead now depending on your fit.
    3.) Spread your ships around so that you'll always have something to fly in case you get popped. Put a ship wherever your clone is. Don't keep your pvp ships in the corp HQ. If we get station camped, then you'll be fucked.
    4.) ALWAYS INSURE YOUR SHIPS. T1 frigs and cruisers practically pay for themselves and their fittings when they got blown up, so always insure.
    5.) Stay calm. If you're under attack let us know who's attacking you, what they're flying, and where you are. We can't do shit unless we know these things.
    6.) Do not log at our normal stations. They will be camping the fuck out of them.
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    i don't know who you are... but you can stay :-)

    An irreverent look at gaming, and film; www.TheFunTurret.com
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    TOG=> Ivan Kinsikor and Natasha Kinsikor.

    And he comes with an Obelisk

    another Sticky thread?
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    Originally Posted by Deadard View Post
    another Sticky thread?
    Yeah, why not

    Excellent stuff, a must read for everybody here imo. Thanks, TOGSolid!
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    Some advice from someone who went through this already.

    1) Get used to it. You guys are a well known and large group. Already almost a hundred in corp and I would expect it to grow. You are going to make a tempting target to all the high-sec wanna-be powers out there. They are looking for easy kills, DO NOT GIVE IT TO THEM. Boredom is a weapon in EVE, use it.

    2) learn to BLOB! You will be facing people where one of their pilots will have more SP than your entire fleet. You have numbers and, trust me on this one, that will win every time. Dreddit was deced constantly by various groups and got some impressive kills on VERY experienced players. You can ALWAYS win the ISK war, which these guys actually care about. You can throw Rifters at them all day and if you kill one BS or even BC you will be well ahead. Yes they can insta-pop you, but their guns can't cycle fast enough to actually use all that DPS to their advantage. If getting frigs for your members is a problem, I will personally take donations from the dreddit membership and drop rifters on your ass until your dreams are filled with rusting metal death machines. The UN looks after all, not just the poor abused pilots of OWN alliance.

    3) Spais.. learn to deal with them. Learn to love them.

    4) Get a out-of-corp hauler character! It takes almost no time to train up Amarr Indy I and Hull Upgrades III. With that you can get 22K of hauler space. Create a character in a newbie corp and use that and ONLY that character to haul your stuff in and out of the market hubs. This is something that everyone in every large 0.0 alliance HAS to have in order to do any shopping at all in Jita, and it is best to get used to it early.

    Hope that helps! Dreddit is watching and cheering you on. Already a three page thread on our forums about you guys (and another on Kugu talking about war-decs). You are going to want to read Kugu.. that is where most of the real politicking gets done (CAOD is for shit posting pretty much exclusively)

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    Dreddit we love you lots like jellytots.
    [SteamID : Sneaklemming]-[Starcraft II : Sneaklemming#825]-[Eve Online : Sneak Lemming]
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