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    Old 09-27-2010, 09:55 AM
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    Default Thanks!

    Would just like to say, following on from a good fun raid last night in what might well be the last time we hit ICC 25, a big thank you to everyone who has raided with us since PCG started, everyone who has worked hard to turn us into the ass kicking, boss killing bunch that we are now.

    It has been the best time I've ever had in WoW, and I think it is truly brilliant that we have achieved so much while still retaining the best elements of a "social" guild. Especially amazing has been seeing the sheer level of improvement since we started. When PCG first started raiding in Naxxramas, many of the group had never raided before on any serious level. Here was a group of players who were relatively inexperienced at killing big bosses, and it was a difficult start. However, and much credit has to be given to Akee and Darieth for stellar raid leading, this group of players have come a very long way.

    We have gone from struggling to kill bosses in naxxramas, to going 8/12 Heroic ICC 25 and being one of the top guilds on the server as far as raiding goes. i've seen people who have never raided before, never even been at max level before, transform into some of the best examples of their class that I have played with.

    So, onward, to Cataclysm and SHINY PURPELZ FROM DEATHWING LOL

    Well done guys, It's been great, now lets make it better, PEWPEW
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