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    Old 03-04-2014, 12:57 PM
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    Default graphics upgrade

    hey all, im trying to convert my dell inspiron 580 from integrated to dedicated graphics. im trying to run the game dayz and a few others like garrys mod and things like that. my question is are there certain dedicated graphics cards that will only run with my computer or will any of them work? also how do i switch the computer from integrated to dedicated once i install the new card? and is there any suggestions on which card to get that is reasonably priced. i appreciate it! -marcus
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    Old 03-05-2014, 03:54 PM
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    I'm never familiar or sure with these off the shelf PC's, as they have similar names & half a dozen different specifications to pick from. But possibly you could add a dedicated graphics card if:

    -Case is big enough to fit one.
    -PSU is powerful enough.
    -Motherboard has a PCI-E x16 slot.

    The PCI slot isn't usually an issue as even the cheap boards they use have at least 1 slot of this type, unless your out of luck. But the cases can sometimes be very small & the PSU's not very powerful. You'd need to measure the case for where the card will slot into to see what if it will fit. Check the PSU label & see what wattage it is & how many amps it has on the rails (12v rail being the most important).

    There are some decent low power consuming graphics card that are much better than onboard, and that are lower profile than higher tier cards. The AMD 7750 held the crown for a long time in this area, but the new GTX 750 has taken that. They consume about 60W, so arguably if your PSU is 300W it may work, depending on quality, but i'm not giving you any guarantees here, it's your own risk. If you want to be sure, replace it with something like the Corsair CX 430W PSU.

    When switching to dedicated graphics from intergrated, it is simple enough usually. With the system turned off, switch off the PSU power button on the back of it if it has one, and power off from the mains socket. You just unplug the cables into the back of the PC, remembering where they go (write with a diagram if needs be), so it's easier to move somewhere with space to work in. Then just take the side off your case, and install the graphics card (plenty of videos on youtube show this procedure). But this time when you plug everything back, instead of plugging your monitor into your motherboard's onboard DVI slot, plug it into the graphics card instead.

    When a dedicated graphics card is detected, the system will normally override the onboard & use that instead. On the odd occasion if this isn't so, you may need to enter BIOS & disable the onboard graphics to force it to do so.
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