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    Old 06-14-2013, 06:47 AM
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    Default Raid Report - 13/06/2013

    Tanks: Steelhide, Thorilin
    Healers: Ekkohunt, Garcia, Barkhoof
    DPS: Bimble, Aynaria, Desastrus, DC Darkling, Verakan

    We were a bit short on numbers again but Awesome were able to lend us a few Schism players to fill up our group.

    We managed to one-shot Jin'rokh without too much trouble although a stray lightning ball near the end wiped a lot of us out just before he went down. We then fought our way to Horridon and had a few goes but we were struggling to get the adds down. We might have gone him done after a lot more dying but since we had quite a few unfamiliar people in the group and we didn't want their lasting impression of Win to involve too much lying face down on the floor we decided to cut out losses and head to Terrace so that we could get a few easy loot drops.

    Terrace wasn't quite as faceroll as I had hoped but we managed to one-shot Protectors and Lei Shi and two-shot Tsulong, albeit with some unfortunate deaths during the fights. At least they gave us a few pieces of loot that people were able to use.

    Please make sure that you all sign up for future raids and hopefully we can go back to Throne of Thunder and make some progress!
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