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    Old 09-04-2010, 03:58 PM
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    Default Rogue dps or lack of dps

    Posted here because it seemed like the appropriate spot.

    Hey all I figured here would be as good as any place to ask some questions about my rogue. I am going to admit I think I'm pretty bad at the class, although it is my first wow toon.

    The issue is in 5 mans I am doing pathetic damage. TO the song of 9% of the dps for the group. I have every dps class beating me out and then the berating starts. "Kick Him" "I have seen level 60 rogue out damage you" "did you level the toon?" are just some of the verbal assaults I seem to get often during 5 mans.

    Here is a link to my armory page :


    Now I am in combat spec atm becasue I take way too much damage in northrend using my assassination spec. Most of the Northrend gear I have come across is ++stam and has a higher gearscore then most of the gear I am wearing on my armory page.

    I'm just not grasping something. I'm told I should be doing massive damage but In the Utgarde Keep dungeon the other day I died like 3 times 2 on the last boss alone in that dungeon, and during this 5 man I reiceved the worst of the abuse.

    I could really use some help as I feel totally discouraged with the game and for the first time ever left the 5 man after we wiped on Utgarde Keep final boss.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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