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    Default The mentioned second server & [FBP]

    This is likely to become a rather large wall of text, so be warned.

    This first bit, I'm just going to be explaining about what FBP is and how it was formed, If you allready know, or don't give a sh*t, you may want to skip a bit. (the first two paragraphs)

    Right so Funky Bear Pie was the love child of the PCG server, regulars "FunkFusionator", "Vannilla Bear" & "Pork Pie" Hence the name. The original thirty members or so where all but, all PCG regulars. The top three players on PCG (vanilla bear, cap'n jabba and wibbles), with around 500 hours on the server each, where in the group when it first started. Just to clarify, when this group started with about 30 members, they where all pcg regulars, and now with 135 members, its pretty much the same story, because if a non PCG regular joins, he quickly becomes one.

    Once the group had extended to over sixty members we got our self a little prebuilt website (but we have now moved to funkybearpie.co.uk) and they idea for having our own server came in (this is the what we will eventually come back to) between six or seven players (all of them also PCG regulars, not to stress a point) dished out a total of "£135-00" and we bought a server ( about four months ago. Over all we have be en having allot of fun with it, despite a lul in the population due to star craft 2's release. Funk made use a couple of vids [url]http://www.youtube.com/user/funkybearpie#p/a/u/1/SwbXtqznVok[/url] , we are currently talking with some frag movie pro's to make us another. We also have 3 6v6 competitive teams and one highlander team for the community challenge, soon to be extended to two. We also play many other games together including start craft 2 and Left 4 Dead 1&2 (which funk also makes vids for on his own channel [url]http://www.youtube.com/user/funkfusionator#p/u/6/rWZUJTlL8RM[/url])

    So basically all I wanted to say with the above is, FBP is the spawn on the PCG server, we have a server, and there was talk about need for a second pcg server. I hope you can see what I am getting at.

    So... How about instead of buying a server, and running it along side the current one. You use us as your overflow server, the server, bought by your community? Its good for us, because keeping our server populated is hard, even with 135 people. The original server can stay largely vanilla, while we can offer custom maps, and new stuff that requires too much time for the PCG writers to organise for us. I think the server should be different from the original, ours is currently only 20 slot, and we are currently thinking, do we want to boost it to 24 slot? Or drop it to 18 slot, and make it a highlander server (one of each class per team). We often turn alltalk on, and we mostly have crits off due to popular demand.

    If the PCG writers want anything specific out of there second server, then that's fine by me (as long as it doesn't involve more than 24 slots, or instant respawns). These sort of details are open to debate, people may find the current config to "harsh" for some people.

    We would love to associate with the PCG server more, we can offer PCG players a server to play new maps, in different ways, on a server run by PCG players. Then we can use some of PCG's massive popularity to keep the server populated, and the community active.

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