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    Default Week 28: Freedom Force



    What is the PC Gamer Club?

    The PC Gamer Club (PCGC for short) is where the great minds of the internets come together to talk about the game of the week.

    How does the club work?

    Each week a winner of the previous week's poll is chosen to take center stage in our discussion. Members have one week prior to the start of the current week's club to get a hold of the game, be it digital download, physical retailers, garage sales, or even those old floppies lying around since 1992. Throughout the week, members will play the game and give their feedback on what worked, what didn't, and how it stands up to today's standards. The week will officially start on Mondays, and run until the following Sunday.

    How can I join?

    The requirements of joining the PCGC are easy.

    1. you must have a registered account in good standings at pcgamer.com.

    2. you must own, rent, or borrow a copy of the game. That's it.

    Do I have to participate every week?

    Absolutely not. Come and go as you please.

    Are there any costs?

    Joining the club is 100% free. The only fee you may or may not be subject to is the cost of the game.

    How much will the games cost?

    We will hold costs down to $10 or less per week, barring any exceptions.

    Where can I buy the games?

    Each week a post with a link to a current e-tailer will be provided along with the game title. You're also encouraged to search ebay, craigslist, and other listings to find the best prices.

    My PC is outdated by today's standards, will I be able to participate?

    Absolutely. Most of the games we will be focusing on are categorized as "classic" titles. The hardware requirements will be kept to a minimum to ensure everyone gets a chance to participate.

    Can we mod the game to our taste?

    Well, it's your game, we can't tell you how to play it. However, you should keep in mind that the focus of conversation will be on based on the developer's original vision of the game. Mods often take away game mechanics that, no matter how trifle or trivial they may seem, are part of the original design. It makes for better conversation if you can adequately explain why a certain game feature distracted you from enjoying the game then patching it with a mod.

    Will there be spoilers?

    Absolutely. People play at their own pace, and because of that we have to disallow a ban on spoilers. To ban spoilers would handcuff the conversation until everyone catches up. It's a weekly affair, so for the sake of pace, we must keep the conversation flowing. Unfortunately, that means spoiling some key plots in games.

    Can I take screenshots and post them in the conversation?

    Absolutely, but try to keep them to a maximum of 1280x1024, so a) it doesn't warp the board, and b) people on dial-up (yes they do exist) can participate. Photobucket auto-resizes images to a max of 1280x1024, so uploading there is a safe bet.

    I have a game I think everyone will love, how can I nominate it?

    Games should be nominated in the PCGC weekly nomination thread. This thread, and all concurrent weekly game threads should contain only information relevant to the game that's in discussion.

    Can I nominate console games?

    Sorry, no. For obvious reasons.

    What is the best way to participate?

    The best way to participate is by following these basic and simple guidelines:

    [INDENT][LIST][*]Be thorough. That doesn't mean you have to write a book (although if you want to go ahead). Try to make arguments that are clear and easy to understand by everyone. If a game sucks, don't just say it sucks, tell us why you think it sucks. Was it the game or was it one mechanic that threw you off? What could they have done to improve the game?

    [*]Be respectful. Opinions are just that: opinions. They are subjective to the player, and so to argue your opinion is better or worse than another persons is as pointless as arguing if a cup is half full or half empty.

    [*]Be vocal. Ask other members about their experiences and compare them to yours. Then debate them on theirs.

    And last, but not least, HAVE FUN!



    GENRE: Real Time Tactical RPG

    OS: Windows XP/Vista
    Processor: 600 MHz or faster Intel Pentium III or AMD Athlon processor
    Memory: 128 MB or more RAM
    Graphics: 32 MB or greater supported Direct3D capable video card with DirectX 8.1 compatible driver
    Hard Drive: 570 MB or more free hard disk space plus space for saved games
    Sound: Environmental Audio capable sound card

    SYNOPSIS: (from Wikipedia)
    Fleeing Lord Dominion and his invading forces, Mentor headed towards Earth in a small spaceship containing many canisters of the mysterious Energy X. Lord Dominion's ships pursue Mentor and destroy his craft just outside the Earth's atmosphere; the blast scatters containers of the substance over the metropolis of Patriot City. Energy X strikes many of the city's inhabitants, giving them superpowers that echo their personality traits (for instance, Minuteman's staunch patriotism and El Diablo's fiery temper) or draw on the situation they were in when energized (e.g., The Ant or Nuclear Winter). Most of the game is set in Patriot City, but a number of other locations and time periods are used, including magical realms, prehistoric times, and realms entirely removed from time and space.

    PRICE:$4.99 (Steam)

    STEAM LINK: [url]http://store.steampowered.com/app/8880/?snr=1_4_4__13[/url]
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    I've been replaying Freedom force, so i thought i would jump in and give a few tips.. (some minor spoilers)

    Early game, you are limited to just a few heroes, Spreading the bonus XP canisters around is a decent idea. El diablo, mentor, minute man, man-bot, and alchemist, are all good characters and useful through out most of the game. Mentors psychic slash is slow, but really powerful. It is best used when another character is engaged with his target so it doesnít move.

    Combat is positional, so moving slightly can dodge a bullet, or a melee swing, or more importantly getting out of an AOE. Be careful with what you use on AOE and cones, and even blasts, as there is friendly fire. The bright side to that, You can also use your own characters to get in the way of fire. Say a bullet is on the way towards a hero, or a blast, you can use other characters to get in the way of it and hopefully absorb the damage if done right.

    Early game: After the Nick of time missions, you can recruit two new characters, sea urchin and Man-o-war.. they are both good, but sea urchin takes much longer to shine, and a lot of micro management. Her acid bubbles can be very frustrating, so just a warning, but her stun gun rocks and she is a very good melee character later! Man-o-war is a beast, and a very viable character with KB, and ranged/melee combos. It is fun to grab them both early and play them all the way through, But it is a combo that takes a lot longer to shine.

    If you spend your pres on those guys, You most likely won't have the prestige to recruit, bullet, or law and order who are both fantastic. But hey it gives you a reason to replay. If you want these guys early, Save all prestige till you get to them. They come after the Pinstripe warehouse mission. (I think about 12 missions in)

    A good early strats is mentor and his mind control, and minute man with his bullet sheild. With el Diablo to melt the snow people, Man-bot eats up energy beams and bullets for lunch.. But watch out for his unstable energy!

    Lastly, I have found it best to level up the powers to 3, to unlock the next, and typically unlock most before i will raise anything to 5. Having more power options is almost always better than a maxed-out power. I also save flying for a bit later, But it can be helpful early, if you are focusing on certain heroes by using them and giving them the bonus XP canisters. (These can be hard to find, some are in trash cans, under towers/dumpsters, under trees., or even hidden in allies. I always pause the mission when first starting and scan the whole map looking for the Canisters, be it health, energy, prestige, or XP.

    The game is easier late game, if you typically just use the same heroes all along.. But personally i like to mix it up, as you will have to take certain heroes along on certain missions later, and if you never played them, they end up being weak.. Eve, Microwave, and el diablo are some late game must use characters, but like always, it is typically only a mission or two that you must use them, then itís another heroes time.

    Ant, and Liberty lad, are both great characters as well, But they both have grenades.. these take a ton of practice to use. They tend to bounce really far. So it is best to try to position yourself to have them bounce of a wall and stop, Or toss them close to your self, and let them bounce 2-3 times (about 40-50 feet) If you toss it far, it will bounce way past them. (this was fixed in FFII)

    Remember to check what your resistances are, and what enemies resist as well. A mission can go from impossible to down right easy by swapping just a single hero and using a different strat.

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    freedom force, game club, pcgc

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