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    Originally Posted by Alm View Post
    I'm not sure I agree. Yes it may be more societally useful for the police to do this, but I still think it's wrong (not fire and brimstone wrong - and possibly not amazingly newsworthy, but just not correct).

    I'm not expecting to win anyone who disagrees over, just stating an opinion.

    Also I think the term "common sense" is bandied about way too much. And I find it nearly as annoying as the sensationalism in writing that Dayve is talking about. "Slams" is a good example When people retort they always "slam" someone. Or "Blasts" for the same thing. It makes it sound a lot more hostile than it actually is.
    I don't think common sense is taken into account enough.
    Though I blame the Daily Mail mentality of promoting ignorance accounts for it (I.e " The NHS never told me that if I took the 24 pills they gave me all at once, it would be bad. Yes they did tell me to take one ever 4 hours but they didn't tell me that if I took all of them at the same time it would be bad.
    Surely the tablets should know to only work every four hours?)
    It really does make you doubt Darwin.
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