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    Default L2Mall Interlude 3000x


    • Experience: x3000
    • Spexperience: x3000
    • Party Experience: x3
    • Party Spexperience: x3
    • Adena: x5000
    • Drop Item Karma: x40

    -----Enchant Rates------

    • Safe Enchant: +3
    • Weapon Max Enchant: +15
    • Armor Max Enchant: +15
    • Jewels Max Enchant: +15
    • Normal Scroll Enchant Rate: 70%
    • Blessed Scroll Enchant Rate: 90%
    • Custom Safe Npc That have 100% Enchant rate.
    • Mid Grade Life Stone 10% [Farm]
    • High Grade Life Stone 15% [Farm]
    • Top Grade Life Stone 25% [Vote]

    -------Custom Features-------
    •Epic Boss Farm,not like all pvp afk servers.
    •Custom Safe Enchant Npc
    •Custom Sell/Buy System your Gears
    •Custom Quests with good rewards
    •Ajox System,Info:Clan leader's ,can recall all His member in an Peach zone only.
    •Lotery Ticked System,You have to bid your Number from available number's,and after 12 Hours the 2 Winners Will be announced.
    •Olympiad Fight's [Announced in Private Message,in all online players]
    •Top Dealy PvP/Pk Player will be announce in Pm Message to all Online players.
    •Bid System for Weding Manager[You have to Bid for ur Future wife]
    •Also by pressing .gotolove you can teleport your self in that man/girl that have took your heart xD
    •Report System,you can report a player,in game ,and there will show all his stats,automaticaly.
    •Report System for a Skill ,you can report a skill,and you can see all Skill Stats ,Chance/Power etc.
    • Anti Buff Shield
    • Banned Players Announce
    • Jailed Players Announce
    • Killing Spree System With Reward.
    • PC Bank Point System
    • When you create a new char you start from Custom Leveling Area.There You can level up very easy.
    • Offline Traders.
    • Cancel Skill: After 20Sec you receive back your loosing buffs. (If you play a mass pvp,buffs will be back after 20 sec
    • Custom title depending on your PvP's (e.x newbie, medium, pro, legend, hitman
    • Panel For players(There you can see many things)
    • Custom Name Colors depends pvp kills
    • Nobless Custom Item
    • Clan Reputation
    • There Allowed Only 1 Agument
    -Alot More features ! you will find them by joining in our server!
    • Stryder Event
    • TvT Event
    • CTF Event
    • DM Event
    • Wor Event


    •Client Interlude
    • C4/C5/Interlude features/skills working 90%
    • Fishing
    • Seven Signs
    • Castle Sieges
    • Clan Hall Sieges
    • Noblesses & Heroes System
    • Max Level 80
    • All Quests
    • Clan Wars
    • C5/Interlude Clan System
    • subclans (Academy,Royal Guards,Order of Knights)
    • Cursed weapons
    • Wepon Augmentations
    • Shadow Weapons
    • Dueling System
    • All C4/C5/Interlude Skills
    • All Raid Bosses
    • Olympiad 100% Retail like
    • DualBox allowed
    • 100% Retail like gameplay without any customs
    • Flawless Geodata & Pathnodes
    • Active and experienced development/GMteam!
    • No corruptions!
    • Not used accounts will be deleted after 2 months
    • NO LAG!!!
    • 100% Uptime
    • International community
    •No Clan Penaldy
    •Max Buffs Slots 32 +4
    •No weight
    •no Grade Penaldy

    -----Vote Reward System------

    •Every 5 votes you will get 1 Lucky box.
    •Lucky box give 3 rewards
    •Reward 1 = 1 Vote Stone
    •Reward 2 = 5 Vote Stone
    •Reward 3 = 15 Vote Stone

    Olympiad System

    • Olympiad Work: 100%
    • Retail Like
    • Olympiad Start Time 19:00
    • Olympiad End Time 1:00
    • Anti Feed Protections(There is not Waiting List)

    -----Custom NPC-------

    • Full GM Shop
    • Full Buffer
    • Custom GateKeeper
    • Skill Enchanter Manager
    • Top Status
    • Weding Manager
    • Siege Manager
    • Event Manager
    • Special Gear Enchanter
    • Sell/Buy Npc With your Gears

    ---------Dedicate|Internt Connection--------

    CPU: Intel Xeon E5-1620
    RAM: 32 GB DDR3 ECC
    HDD: 2x 1TB
    Connection : 1 Gbps
    OS: Linux


    - Protection Against (walkers anti bots cheats programs).
    - DDOS/Dos Protections Network Building (Tunnel)[DDos Guard]
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