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    Old 01-30-2013, 06:57 AM
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    Default Need some time off :(

    Hey guys, some of you may have noticed I haven't even been online for the last week.

    Spoke to Akee about it briefly but situation has changed slightly.

    Those of you who stay in vent after raids have probably heard me whining about how much work I have to do and how busy I am. Basically i'm working ~60 hours a week at the moment, me and the girlfriend are doing up a house I bought and obviously there the general life stuff we all have to do. For the past couple months ive been just ignorantly fitting WoW in no matter what but it's finally taking its toll.

    I'm gonna have to split till i'm in this house, I just don't have time to sit down and play WoW ~15 hours a week. I could probably just come on at raid times but like probably many people if I can't play the game fully I struggle to get the motivation to come on just 4-5 hours a week.

    I actually planned to come on for one raid a week but already now ive started to do work on this house in the evenings again ive started realizing that i've got deadlines im going to miss unless ive round there a lot, including this Monday and Thursday.

    I'm not cancelling my subscription so once this little burst is over ihopefully ill be on sometimes, and id like to sign for raids when I can until you guys find another healer providing I can get online.

    Sorry guys, gonna miss you but if all goes well it'll only be for a couple months
    Blood Elf Healadin,
    Steamweedle Cartel,
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