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    Old 01-28-2013, 07:59 AM
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    Default Raid report 27/01/13

    Tanks: Doom and Slim
    Healers: Sid and Sark
    Melee: Meki and Pet
    Ranged, Zalid, Littlesky, Darieth, Klog, Aph

    It took us a while to scrape a team together as we had no end of issues last night. One healer's hard drive died, another was running late and then had lost his authenticator so couldn't log on and one DPS had no internet connection. Thanks to all of Team Epic who came and bailed us out though. It was very much appreciated.

    We headed straight for HoF. Zorlock was nice and easy as usual, Tayak was a complete nightmare, as usual. People were just failing at stacking up and there just wasn't enough healing in the gauntlet phase, but we killed him. Then we moved on to Garalon where unfortunately things just didn't get much better. Our DPS was still too low to meet the enrage timer but we also kept making silly mistakes. Unfortunately Garalon is one of those fights which has to go perfectly in order to kill it (when you are as close to the enrage as we are anyway).

    When it was clear that we weren't going to kill him tonight we popped into Terrace of Endless Springs to take a look at the protectors. This fight looks really straight forward. We only had two attempts and the only thing letting us down was people not moving out of the lightning storm and some slacking on the dispelling. There is no reason at all why we could not have killed this if we had a little more time.

    Tuesday will be back to Garalon I expect as long as we can get a team together. I know a few people are away and seeing as we have at least 1 dead PC we could be a number of people down. Please sign if you can make it so I know what I am dealing with.

    I am going to be taking a break next week. I wouldn't have been here Thursday anyway as work are sending me half way across the country for the day and I won't be back in time. I have left Zalid in charge for the week so there shouldn't be any issues. I will be back a week Thursday though!

    Thanks again to everyone who helped out last night.
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