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    Old 01-23-2013, 08:52 AM
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    Default Raid Report 22/01/13

    Tanks: Slim and Doom
    Healers: Sid, Vod, Archaz and Klog
    Ranged: Zalid, Noheels, Littlesky, Aph, Darieth, Del

    We spent the entire night fighting with Garalon. Once we got the hang of it, the fight was really straight forward, however, our healing and DPS numbers don't quite appear to be enough to kill him. On our best attempt we wiped at 12% on the enrage timer so we are getting very very close. The healers managed to find a bit more healing which is good, we just need to maximise our DPS to get the extra 12% we need.

    At 10.30, as we were so close we pushed on for an extra half an hour. Arcahz and Littlesky had to leave so Klog and Del stepped in to help us out. We were all a bit too tired by this point and were making some silly mistakes and causing wipes.

    Thanks to those of Team Epic who came to help us out this week.

    I think that rather than go straight to HoF on Thursday (or Sunday depending on sign ups) we will go to MSV and clear that first. The only reason being that we may be able to get a few extra bits of gear which may help our DPS out a bit. I have my fingers crossed that we will have the numbers to raid on Thursday although we only have 8 sign ups at the moment. If you can make Thursday then please sign up.

    Well done everyone. I know it was a frustrating night but we are getting there. For our first proper night on it we did quite well. 12% really isn't that far off.
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