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    Old 01-18-2013, 08:28 AM
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    Default Raid Report 17/01/13

    Tanks: Slim and Doom
    Healers: Sid, Vod, Archaz and Atissa
    Ranged: Zalid, Noheels, Littlesky, Plockplock and Aph

    We had a new member on trial and thanks to Plock turning up we had a team which we could raid with.

    We didn't start until gone 8pm as we were helping Atissa sort some enchants out, thanks to Zal for sorting those out.

    Everything ran very smoothly and we killed the first three bosses with Atissa healing the dogs and Feng and then DPSing the third boss. We then swapped her out as we felt we needed to help her gear up before we could take her any further. Spirit Kings were 100% better than last week which is good news. We had one attempt at Elegon when disaster struck and Vods power went and we were unable to get anyone in to help us out.

    Sunday we should be back to raiding we might go straight to HoF or we may kill Elegon and Will then go to HoF. I know Elegon has a lot of trinkets we want!

    Lots of gear was given out tonight, we saw the elusive offhand from Feng, 3 of the int trinkets dropped from the trash and I think only one piece of gear was DE'd.

    Good raid, shame we didn't have chance to get it cleared but we can't help power cuts unfortunately.

    See you all on Sunday and bring your killing heads. I would love ot at least look at Garalon this week.
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