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    Old 01-18-2013, 07:47 AM
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    Post Raid Report - 17/01/2013

    Tanks: Steelhide, Bullshifter
    Healers: Psyke, Dooks, Barkhoof
    DPS: Bimble, Auymis, Ross, Thorillin, Seffora, Gluggie
    Sat out for the night: Jecca, Wyrmy

    First stop was MSV to kill the dogs. It was a perfect one shot; oh both rogues died but nobody cared.

    Next stop Heart of Fear:

    Zor'lock - So close to a one shot but we lost too many people in the last phase. One thing to watch out for is Mind controlled people being broken out during an "Attenuation"; I ended up with a disc in the face. We killed it on the second attempt

    Ta'yak - The first attempt we got him to 10% which was surprising as quite a few people had not seen it before, second attempt was similar. The third attempt we killed him with an heroic effort from Steel, Bull, Pyske and Auy who managed to stay alive. I did Auymis a favor by bonus rolling the Bracers so he got free ones.

    Garalon - We tried using the tanks on Pheromones and that started to work well as they practised. The rotation was Bull, Steel, Bimble, Auy. The last attempt was the best at 37% but we were at 7 minues which might be the enrage.

    Loots: MS - Dooks, Thoralin, Saffora, Auymis. OS - Psyke. DE - 1

    MONDAY HEADLINES - Garalon dies to the heroes of Win!
    Bimble (Armoury)
    World of Warcraft
    PCG Guild (Steamwheedle Cartel)

    Realm First! Zen Master Cook - 25th Sep 2012

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