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    Old 01-09-2013, 01:56 PM
    LeadRogue LeadRogue is offline
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    Default New Application

    Eve name: Maximada

    PCG Forum name: LeadRogue

    Character is my: MAIN

    Playing Eve since: 2003 when it all began.

    Actual Skill Points: Current Skills: 233 (Skill Points: 158,735,019.00)

    Main Profession(s): Done it all really but my main areas of expertise are solo and small gang piracy, fleet PvP, Capital Ops, Corporation and Alliance Management, T2 Manufacturing and all industry (with alt)

    Usual Eve Time online: Evening and Night

    I would like to join PCGE Corp because ….. I took a year out from all the fleet 0.0 stuff and quit my corp on good terms. I was a little bored of relying on other people and felt i was being held back. I have now completed a year of solo stuff - piracy/solo missions/solo pvp and had a great time and made a shedload of isk - enough to never worry about making isk again! when solo the only person to blame if i die is myself! I am now looking forward to getting back into a good corp and meet like minded people who are up for a good time.

    I am also a subscriber of PCG.

    I feel I have extensive knowledge and am willing to share this and help out in any way I can. Currently I have quit piracy and am in the process of repairing my sec status. Currently it is at -7.0 although I would still like to join if possible. Im currently in low sec not far from the PCG base.

    I also own a Ragnarok Titan fittingly named Nik Nak and I can log this off with my alt. Of course I would like to get to know the corp before committing to use it to your advantage if needed.

    Thats about it really - if you want experience and a resident bad ass I am sure I can help out!
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    Old 01-09-2013, 03:30 PM
    HoloDoc HoloDoc is offline
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    pls contact a director or RO in-game and we get your application sorted.

    Impressive cv .. but you are aware as PCG community corp member you are allowed to shoot as many ppl in low, 0.0 and wh space as you like ... but no piracy and scams
    Main Sam Redshift
    Alt Nimashet Dex
    (Eve Online)
    ... working on an Eve explorer career right now
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    Old 01-09-2013, 03:44 PM
    LeadRogue LeadRogue is offline
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    Does the corp have a public channel?
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