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    Old 12-29-2012, 05:00 PM
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    Default Challenge Mode Dungeons.

    I've expressed interest in doing these dungeons before and been shouted down because they are too hard apparently... Well enough of that!

    I'm interested in making a 5 man team, and getting together at some point to put in a couple of hours of effort at getting a technique together for getting through the dungeons.

    I doubt we'll be getting gold any time soon, i've actually heard that it's impossible with certain classes and it's been effectively done with 5 dps. Well i'm not personally interested in frigging the system to get a gold, i'd just like to say we've got through a few! There's an alliance team on the server who have got a ton of golds on all of the dungeons, and if they can do it i'm sure we can! As you should be aware it relevels gear to a level suitable for the dungeon so we're all on a level playing field

    I'd be healing it of course, as a Holy Paladin.

    Anyone else fancy a crack?

    Edit: As a side note, don't bother if you're not paitient as i'm sure there will be a TON of wipes and we'll need to work together and be calm and most of all civil!
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