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    Old 08-28-2010, 03:15 PM
    Zalid Zalid is offline
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    Default Raid Wing Application - Zalid

    Character Name:

    Rank applied for: Raid Main / Raid Alt
    Raid Main

    Main Spec:
    Arcane - This will be my offspec very soon.

    Fire - This is going to be my main spec very soon.

    Armory Link:

    Please explain any 'quirks' in your talent build:
    My arcane has Slow as it is useful in some fights.
    Fire spec is pretty much standard.

    Please outline your raiding experience, to allow us to offer appropriate advice & support:
    Only started raiding in WoTLK when I joined PCG. Started with Naxx and progressed through Ulduar, ToC and now ICC & Ruby Sanctum. Have killed Arthas 3 times now, twice in 25man and once in 10man. Team Awesome regular (well, as regular as work will allow me).

    Please list which addons you use for raiding:
    DBM, Decursive, Omen, Recount, PowerAuras, DSK, MobInfo2 (for enemy health%), ClassTimer, Grid, Utopia, GTFO, HitAssist, MageNuggets, UnitFrameBuffs, UnitFrameTweaks

    Do you agree with all Raid Wing rules, including our attendence requirement?
    PCG Officer
    Zalid - 90 Fire/Arcane Mage (Enchanting/Tailoring) Armory
    Welsh, and proud of it. Cymru am byth.
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    Old 08-28-2010, 03:22 PM
    Cataclysmic Cataclysmic is offline
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    Mages disgust me.
    Origin ID: Slashylol
    Steam ID: Wargod37
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