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    Old 12-10-2012, 07:47 AM
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    Default Raid Report 09/12/12

    Tanks: Slim and Doom
    Healers: Sid and Vodanda
    Melee: Archaz
    Ranged: Bel, Zalid, Noheels, Plockplock, Klog and Aph

    Lots of problems getting a team together last night but Plockplock logged on at just the right time, allowing us to be able to raid.

    We were purely working on Will. We had a bit of a late start as we tried to find 10 people. Once we did we quickly killed the trash and started work on the boss.

    The first few pulls were painful with us not even reaching the first gas. However, very quickly the tanks got the hang of devestating combo and the DPS worked out what they were doing with the adds and it started to come together.

    We had a very close 8% wipe early on followed by Archaz DCing. We then struggled to find someone to fill in but were saved by Klog. After that we were continuously wiping in the final phases, with most attempts hitting the 10% mark. Unfortunately at 9.45 Plockplock had to leave us and there was noone to replace him.

    I think the only thing holding us back is that we are taking a little more damage than we would like leaving the healers with very little mana to play with. If the tanks can avoid as many devestating combos as possible and the DPS manage to stay out of trouble we will have no problems killing this whatsoever. We are exceptionally close.

    Tuesday Vodanda will be away so we will need to either rely on Archaz being around or hopefully someone else will be able to step in. Sign ups are looking a little poor so please sign up if you can make it. I really think we can clear this this week.

    Well done all, a huge improvement from our first pull to our last and considering this is the first time we have really looked at this fight you all did a very good job.
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