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    Old 12-07-2012, 05:18 PM
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    Default raid report 6/12/12

    on raid:
    goff, steel, wyrmy, barks, dooks, gluggie, thorilin, ayumis, leegund, bimble

    dooks out for jecaa; leegund out for Ross

    First few bosses are fine now - not 1-shotting them is very rare.

    Got to elegon with about 90 minutes to go
    Spent 90 minutes wiping on elegon.
    Our dps was very slightly down from Monday - i had to adjust the timing to make sure we only had 2 big adds in the first phase. After we tweaked that, we kept coming up short on the enrgy charge phase - we really need to be ablt to get 5 waves down on the first cycle.

    Hopefully everyone will be back on song for monday night - make sure you have dps pots.
    Also be sure to check videos for Will of emperor and double check talents/glyphs that might be helpful for adds on that fight.

    Quick note of plans for Christmas - no Win raid on the 24th, 27th, 31st december.
    I think awesome will be raiding that week, so feel free to sign up as they'll likely be short due to holidays.
    Guild events over Xmas include the Guild awards (think on the 19th) and I hope to do some old school raids on the 22nd and 29th - thinking ICC on 22nd, and DS on 29th. Maybe some ulduar-25 if i can drum up the interest

    dont know, cant find my list. I think leegund got some OS legs, and we sharded the polearm that Bull needs - sorry Bull!
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