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    Old 12-06-2012, 09:40 AM
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    Exclamation New Time Silkroad !! Gap 120 !! Recruting Guild : Legends !! Private MMORPG Server

    [center][SIZE="6"]New Time Sro[/SIZE][/center]
    [center]Hello. Come to us. We waiting for You.[/center]

    [SIZE="5"]General (Links):[/SIZE]

    [SIZE="4"]Homepage: [/SIZE][url=http://www.goodtimessro.com/]GoodTimes Silkroad - Back in the 90's[/url]
    [SIZE="4"]Register: [/SIZE] [url=http://www.goodtimessro.com/?register]GoodTimes Silkroad - Back in the 90's[/url]
    [SIZE="4"]FullClient: [/SIZE][url=http://files.fm/u/pqrcivp]File Upload, sharing and hosting. Serviss failu, foto un bil[/url]
    [SIZE="4"]Media PK:[/SIZE] [url]http://www.mediafire.com/?xxnj3bd3oq37z1q[/url]
    [SIZE="4"]Guild Forum :[/SIZE] [url=http://thelegends.pun.pl/]New Time Silkroad[/url]

    [SIZE="5"]Server Information (rates):[/SIZE]
    [SIZE="4"]Level Cap: [/SIZE] [SIZE="4"]120[/SIZE]
    [SIZE="4"]Race: [/SIZE] [SIZE="4"]CH,EU[/SIZE]
    [SIZE="4"]Max DG: [/SIZE][SIZE="4"]12[/SIZE]
    [SIZE="4"]Total Mastery Lvl: [/SIZE] [SIZE="4"]Euro: 240; China: 360[/SIZE]
    [SIZE="4"]Exp Rate: [/SIZE][SIZE="4"]600[/SIZE]
    [SIZE="4"]Sp Rate: [/SIZE] [SIZE="4"]600[/SIZE]
    [SIZE="4"]Great balance character i mean PVP. [/SIZE]
    [SIZE="4"]Sox drop: [/SIZE] [SIZE="4"]x2[/SIZE]
    [SIZE="4"]Normal Item Drop: [/SIZE] [SIZE="4"]x100[/SIZE]
    [SIZE="4"]Gold Drop: [/SIZE] [SIZE="4"]x50[/SIZE]
    [SIZE="4"]Alchemy Rate:[/SIZE] [SIZE="4"]x2[/SIZE]
    [SIZE="4"]Vote For Silks per one day 16 silks !![/SIZE]

    [center][SIZE="5"]Items For Start:[/SIZE][/center]

    [center][SIZE="5"]SUN +7 1-9DG u got in shop (u can buy it)[/SIZE][/center]

    [center][SIZE="5"]Unique Events 2-3 times daily.Some Screens:[/SIZE][/center]


    [SIZE="6"]Guild: Legends !! Recruting Active Members !! PM Neonek in Game or go to forum and write there.Come we wait for you.[/SIZE]

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