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    Old 08-26-2010, 04:43 PM
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    Default Raid Ready Status - PLEASE READ ASAP

    Hello Raiders,

    As you know, throughout WotLK PCG's 25-man raiding has progressed from occasional and poor to regular and pretty damn successful. However, I believe that we can perform better. I also believe that we need some clearer guidance on how to get into raids, who gets places, and what taking part in Progression Raiding requires of everyone.

    I worry that sometimes people get singled out or left out in raids, when we should be succeeding as a team and, more crucially, failing as a team.

    I therefore present to you the RAID WING! The following post should explain this change, and our reasons behind it. It is my intention to introduce the system within a couple of weeks, so that we can work on those remaining ICC hardmodes, and iron out any kinks ready for Cataclysm, when I hope we can be at the cutting edge of raid progression.

    Applications are open from now. Please post your completed form in the 25-man Raid Team forum (until a site admin can make me a new sub-forum :-p). If you have any genuine questions or constructive comments, please post in this thread.


    Why change?
    Currently, the criteria for geting into our progression 25 raids (currently Sundays and Mondays) are virtually non-existent, and some people are confused about why they get in / get left out. In addition, when setting up a raid, I frequently have to inspect the gear/spec of several people who are new to me, or even worse, only discover something is badly wrong half way through the raid. Finally, there is currently little incentive for players to put in the work to maximise their characters' performances, and not always the help and advice needed to achieve this.

    What is the Raid Wing?
    The Raid Wing is simply a list of those players who are 'Raid-Ready'. It means we know that they are appropriately specced, geared, enchanted etc., and can hop straight into our progression raids. Characters with the 'Raid Ready' status will therefore have priority when it comes to progression raids.

    How do I get into the Raid Wing?
    Simple. You complete the short Raid Wing Application form, an example of which I will copy below. Then, a designated class expert can ask any necessary questions or make suggestions. Once the class expert is happy that you're raid ready, your application is approved.

    Is there a limit on the Raid Wing?
    There will be no limit set. However, in order to maintain a balance, I may ask new/existing Raiders to consider a respec if we're short of a particular role.

    Is there an attendence requirement?
    Most raiding guilds require a 60-80% attendence. We are PCG, we're not most guilds. However, I think it is reasonable to expect any Raid Wing player to attend at least one progression raid per fortnight (so 2 per month). Obviously, if you let me know about holidays/computer problems/IRL stuff, that's fine. If a Raider wants to take a WoW break, then they can be taken out of the Wing, and re-apply when they come back.

    So, does being Raid Ready guarantee me a raid spot?
    Of course not, we still have limited spaces and need a certiain composition for raids. However, being Raid Ready means you can expect that, if you do sit out a raid, you won't have to miss another for a while. I will keep a full record. If you are put on reserve, that will also count toward your 2-per-month attendence requirement

    Is the Raid Ready status a way to be elitist and lord it over people?
    Absolutey not. The ONLY priveledge to being Raid Ready is priority for progression raid spots. Raid Leaders already discriminate between players, but this will make those selections clear and transparent. Anyone using the position to belittle anyone will find themselves demoted pretty quickly.

    Does that mean I can't get into raids UNLESS I'm in the Raid Wing?
    No, but it does mean that Raid Ready characters have priority. Remember, progression raiding is a team sport, and its important that we all progress together, as a team. All the Raid Wing rules ONLY apply to designated progression 25-man raids.

    Can I have more than one character in the Raid Wing?
    There will be two new ranks; Raid Wing and Raid Alt. You must choose one main character. Each character will be considered as a standalone application, with the same requirements placed on all of them. Raid Wing mains have priority on progression raid places over Alts, but the Raid Leader may ask you to bring an alt to make a raid viable.

    Will this affect loot?
    No. We will continue to use DSK, as now. We are considering better/more flexible loot systems for Cata, but that depends on technical changes by Blizzard.

    So..why should I bother?
    The form takes minutes to complete. Apart from the obvious advantage of regular progression raiding, simply completing the form will mean you get 'expert' feedback and suggestion, allowing you to maximse your raid performance.

    OFFICIAL PCG RAID WING RULES - Apply ONLY to progression raids. Progression Raids will be clearly named as such on the in-game calendar.

    1) The current membership of the Raid Wing will be maintained in a forum-posted list by the Raid Wing Leader.

    2) Any member of PCG is eligible for the Raid Wing. Each character must complete an application form and be approved by an appointed class expert.

    3) Only one Character per Player may be Raid Wing rank. Alts may apply on a character-per-character basis, with approved characters getting the Raid Alt rank.

    4) Priority for Progression Raids will be as follows: Raid Wing Mains, Raid Wing Alts, Other members. You may be asked to bring an alt by the Raid Leader.

    5) In order to stay in the Raid Wing, you must attend at least 2 raids per month on any character. Being placed on Reserve counts as an attendance, provided that you stay online and available for at least 30 minutes after Raid Start.

    6) A record of attendance will be kept. Raid Wing Mains can expect that, once placed on Reserve, they will not be placed on Reserve for several raids.

    7) Raid Wing members are expected to be helpful to new members and raiders.

    8) They are expected to maintain a high level of raid performance. If the Raid Leader considers your performance to be poor, they will alert you to the problem, and expect improvement. If you repeatedly demonstrate very poor performance, and if you ignore advice, you may be removed from the Raid Wing. Examples of poor performance are consistently low DPS or healing, a failure to react to situations, a failure of hybrid DPS players to use their dispels/heals when necessary and repeatedly failing at a given game mechanic.

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