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    Old 11-30-2012, 04:05 PM
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    Exclamation Themed Events

    Due to undeniable demand, we will be organising a couple of themed events which will hopefully become more regular.

    The first is planned for this Sunday 2nd Dec from about 3pm UK. Henceforth this may well be known as Serious Sunday! As the name suggests the plan is to set up a full platoon or two to take over Amerish continent (with a little help from other Terrans, we hope!) This will mean we'll need a good mix of classes and builds; some members may have to be flexible with their setup depending on who signs up.

    Because of the seriousness of the event, being on voice comms will be mandatory. Squad leaders may not have enough time to type everything in; so please use the mumble server. Details are on the message of the day in-game and in another thread on this forum.

    Three basic rules:

    1) Do as you are told. If a squad is ordered to a specific building, please go there and stay until told to move.
    2) "Cease Chat!" This means shut up on Mumble. Occasionally the platoon or squad leaders will have to speak, so don't abuse.
    3) Have fun. Although the event is of a serious nature, it is still a game that should be enjoyed, no matter how well or badly it goes.

    Those that want to join and don't mind being ordered around, please reply with your favourite build and any specialities you may have ie Sunderer with AMS, engineer/light assault with C4. If you are happy to play any class, please say so as well.
    If you are not a squad leader (section leader in-game) and want to give it a go, also let me know. We can always swap leaders around on the day, so everyone can get a chance.
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