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    Old 11-27-2012, 06:12 PM
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    Default raid report 26/11/12

    on raid:
    Goffik, Steelhide, Bullshifter, Jecaa, Ayumis, Bimble, Infitiee, Rossferatu, Psyke, Wyrmy
    Leegund in for infitiee after 9.

    asked to sit out - barks, gluggie

    A full night on Elegon - started slowly, but we made progress over the course of the night.
    P1 - we can now push below 85% and the phase change with only 2 adds spawning - a good test of our dps.
    P2 - killing 4 waves of energy charges seemed to work best for us - any more than that and it was highly likely someone would miss, so it's worth spening the extra time to nuke the boss when the 5th wave is active.
    P3 - we got better and better at bringing the pylons down at the same time (or within a few seconds of each other), and we were close to getting the adds under control.
    It's a bit frantic when we hvae 1 tank run off and pick up the boss when he respawns, but I dont think we're too far away from a clean transition.

    We hit the enrage timer once, and after that we really started to increase our dps - the thing we need to work on now is perfecting the P3 -> P1 transition, and also trying to get the boss to 50% (and triggering the next phase 2) as quickly as possible.

    Am hopeful we'll make some more progress next week - can everyone try and make sure they are fully prepared so we can give it a real good next monday.

    Loot - we got a leatherworking pattern from the annoying trash pulls.
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